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7 things you might not know about me

I'm a newbie Twit on Twitter and apparently we're sharing things we didn't know about each other. I'm pretty narcissistic so that's fine by me...

Little bio - My name's Kim. Kim Wilson and Kim Pether since I only half heartedly changed my name after I got married. I'm 31 year old female human. I love animals, travel and any kind of creative crap that eases my crazy brain. I'm pretty much average in every respect apart from swearing and sarcasm in which I excel. Here are 7 things that most people don't know about me (which is hilarious since I'm a massive over sharer!)

Frosted glass room
Hard nope from me

1: I’m petrified of frosted glass. More specifically the fear that frosted glass might touch my feet or my teeth. To the extent that I once stayed in a lovely hotel only to find it had a frosted glass bathroom door and had to use the lobby toilet and shower at the spa for a weekend. Just looking at this photo makes me sweaty and nervous.

2: I hate gongs. This stems back to visiting a gong making village in Borneo when I was exceptionally hungover. Never try to drink rice wine like a local folks! That was without doubt the longest and most miserable day of my life. In a Pavlov’s dog type response, the sound of gongs makes me feel physically sick…not ideal during yoga. I'm getting angry even writing this. Fuck gongs.

World's biggest gong - Malaysia
The world's biggest gong. Ergo the gong I hate most in the world.

3: I am exceptionally untidy. On more than one occasion I’ve walked into my house and assumed it has been ransacked before remembering I'd been running round looking for something myself that morning. I do try and will have manic cleaning sessions but I'm consistently messy and can't be trusted not to lose stuff.

Chinese crested hairless dog
Chinese Crested Hairless doggo. My dream dog, I would call him Skinny.

4: I love hairless animals. To date my campaign to have a Sphynx cat or Chinese crested dog has been heavily opposed but I am OBSESSED. I’m pretty sure my spirit animal is a naked mole rat which is essentially a ball sack with teeth.

Bananas and strawberries
The best and worst of the fruit community...

5: I dislike some inanimate objects and foods because I personify them and don’t like them as people. For this reason I don’t like strawberries. I think strawberries think they are superior to all other fruits and are mean to the other fruits in a bowl (FYI I think bananas would be a great laugh). I like sofas, they are trustworthy. They look after you and keep safe all the crap that you lose in them.

6: I can’t swim very well and can’t do front crawl at all. I'm okay underwater but it's staying on the surface I struggle with. Unfortunately the surface is where all the air is. I can just about manage breast stroke but it usually has doggy paddle legs. I love scuba diving and surfing though so learning to swim properly is probably a good idea. You know, to avoid drowning...

7: I originally studied to become a solicitor and have since ended up in legal software but I always wanted to be a midwife. I decided not to retrain for the same reasons I chose not to carry on in law. I can't handle stress and I hate customers. I have crazy respect for midwives and anyone is the medical profession, those stress levels must be extreme.

That's me folks!

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Aug 23, 2019

I can't believe I'm not the only one who felt that strawberries are snobbish. :p They're like the princess of fruits and truthfully, they don't taste that great without some sugar to me. Your frosted glass fear is very interesting and I can't swim well too. I'm worse than you. I can swim across a swimming pool if it's shallow enough for me to stand but can't swim if the pool is deep. :p

I enjoyed reading! :)


Emily Ann
Emily Ann
Aug 23, 2019

This was awesome! I was tagged for this too, but I'm sure mine will be waaaay less interesting and far less hilarious than yours! I can't swim well either. Every swim class I've taken has been a disaster and has led the swim instructor just to kind of give up on me. I honestly can't help it that I can only dog paddle. And despite being delicious, I think you're right about strawberries. They're quite uppity.

Hilarious and great post!

Emily |

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